Help removing Rear Light Unit

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2015 Auris Icon+ Hybrid.

I have damaged the O/S rear light on above vehicle and wish to replace. (I am talking about the part mounted on the car body, not the boot lid). I have sourced a replacement but cannot work out how to remove the old one, so am stuck. When you open the boot lid two screws are exposed and I have removed these, it looks like the light should now be free but is seems wedged in place. I cannot shift it and am nervous of using too much force in case I smash it apart (it is currently working) or damage the bodywork.

Can anyone help... I just cannot see anything obvious. Please note I am not a complete plonker having worked on many bikes and cars over the last 35 years!


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I asked the exact same question to a Toyota mechanic recently. I suspected that there was an engagement tang where the light unit is closest to the front of the car. He said that that was the case and that the light fitting was stiff to disengage from the tang (as I had discovered), and that it is removed by pulling the unit straight back, as you would expect. I have seen a similar arrangement on another car (Skoda), but it wasn't this stiff.

I haven't removed mine yet, I was only just seeing how it came off!

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look in the manual it will show you how to change a light bulb

open the boot remove the 2 screws then pull the light straight back

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