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fuel system warning light reset on Land Cruiser model year 2009

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i have a Land Cruiser Model Year 2009 Diesel V8 Engine 
and the fuel system warning light is on.
In the owners manual they are saying that this is the amount of accumulated water in the fuel filter has reached the specified level.
I changed the fuel filter but i don't know how to reset the light.

Does anybody know how to do it ??????

Thank you for helping me

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The warning light will flash on and off if there is water in the filter. If the filter is clogged the light will stay on.

I assume you have cleaned out all the old fuel and primed the system properly after changing the filter.

Two procedures to put out the warning light (according to Toyota Nation)

1. Disconnect top wires or plug on filter housing with the ignition OFF

2. Turn the ignition ON

3. Plug top wires or plug back in within 60 seconds

4. Turn ignition OFF

5. Turn ignition back ON and start vehicle


The light should now be off.


If the light is still on try bleeding the system again then go through above procedure to turn the light off.

OR try this:

1. With the ignition switch OFF, disconnect the fuel filter warning switch connector.
2. Turn the ignition switch from OFF to ON.
3. After more than 3 seconds but less than 60 seconds have elapsed, reconnect the connector.
4. After approximately 3 seconds have elapsed with the fuel filter warning switch closed, the
system confirms the deletion of the illumination information by turning off* the warning light.




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