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Does anybody on here know how hard it would be to convert my 1.8 vvt to a 2.2 2AD-FHV Diesel? I would also settle for the 2.0 1AD-FTV, as I believe that was what was in my Auris. Although I like the sound of the petrol, I miss the grunt of a Diesel more. I'd like to do it as a sort of project. I know i would need:






Change Fuel Lines,

Change Fuel Tank,

Maybe different suspension too (might be getting coilovers anyway).


Can anyone think of anything else? Any help would be much appreciated :)

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different gearbox too afaik. & then there is the (admittedly small) chance of getting an AD series engine that may develop the head/headgasket issue ...

Then you would have fun & games with DVLA & insurance ...

As frankie406 said it would be easier to buy an existing 2.2.

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