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Ordering a New Battery Warning


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I recently changed my Battery on my 08 RAV and decided to fit it myself I went for a VARTA manufacturer purchasing it online, from Battery Megastore. They asked me for details of my Battery was it left hand side positive or right with my chest in front? I confirmed it definitely was on my left hand side and they queried it but I was adamant it was, there was no doubt in my mind. The battery arrived when I went to fit it I noticed the straps to the terminals did not match up even though the Positive was on my left, I tried turning the battery 180 degrees and of course the negative was now on the left. It transpired that on the RAV the battery should be a right hand positive because the battery has to be spun 180 degrees, this issue has cost me a lot of time and money on delivery charges. I did look on line at fitting the battery but obviously did not see any comments on this so hope this information helps someone in future?

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