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Fixed! Rear brake light


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Hi all, I am a very happy person today. Drivers side rear light cluster was letting in water until I siliconed around the cluster to divert water along the exterior or the car. it was filling the boot with water because the gasket around the light had failed. The cluster was also filling up with water for a while and in that time metal connections in the brake light bulb holder got corroded and recently snapped. I searched all over to try and find just the bulb holder as most sellers on eBay want to sell the whole light cluster, and eventually found the right part off a Land Rover Discovery! When some sellers were looking for £20+ for Yaris bulb holders/used light clusters I got this for £8.95

2 minute swap with a new 380 bulb and it's as good as new.

heres what you need if your rear light is playing up from corrosion due to water in the cluster:


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