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Ground Control Coil-overs For Gen 7 - 0.5" - 2.5


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These where original purchased off Stephen G (Celica-Club) and never fitted. I paid £220 + P&P

I'll take £200 + P&P for hopefully a quick sale. (Also open to offers) The reason they are going is because i need the money, they have never been fitted by me.

Here's the original post.

These are unused by me, 2nd hand, but in excellent condition (all writing on springs/cases intact). Adjustable suspension designed for STOCK shocks. Wear on shocks is dependent on the height you dial in for each corner.

I got these out to send to another club member who has changed his mind - if you're happy with the mind you have, jump all over these. Here are the specs of these - check www.ground-control.com for more info.

8016.01 Celica 2000- 1 only .5 to 2.5 $ 419

EIBACH make the springs for these so the springs alone would be £155 ish. But I'm selling the lot *to a club member only* for:

£220 + whatever P&P comes to (they're not light).

BTW I do recommend these are professionally fitted - as Shutty will testify, getting the geometry/tracking right after fitting any kind of suspension is damn important. 

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