CVT 40k check

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Had my 1.8 cvt nearly 4 years now and always used an independent garage for the routine servicing, mainly for convenience, and all has been well.

Just coming up to 40k and see the CVT transmission needs a check? Is it time to change the fluid, is this specialist work or run of the mill servicing. I fully understand Toyota fluid should be used but don't  know why as many manufacturers promote their CVT Fluid? 

If anyone has gone through this exercise I'd be grateful to hear opinions/experiences.



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I had my gearbox (and torque converter) replaced under warranty (if you search on here you'll find something on it) which the dealer told me would have cost over £7,000 to fix, which was mentioned in the other thread (and previous threads on here) .

Other than that I love the car to drive/be in, and overall have been happy with it.

Toyota have a price for doing the change, and check it during services, though when I spoke to a technician he said the Oil typically lasts the life of the gearbox/car.  I've read elsewhere (American forums related to some Nissan car's CVT boxes that it should be replaced every 50K whether it's needed or not!). 

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