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No power from USB port


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I've had my 64 plate Avensis for a couple of years, works fine: It has combined radio/CD player, sat nav (not sure of model number, can get 'photo or other info if that helps).

Have had, for over a year, a USB hub plugged into USB port (in under-armrest thingy)& at various times an iPod and an Android 'phone either/or/both plugged in: Had passenger charge his iPhone from it whilst my 'phone charging/connected, fine: No problems, all works fine, music plays from iPod, can play music or BBC radio iPlayer over bluetooth from 'phone:  'Phone calls via bluetooth handled seamlessly.

A few days ago I started using my iPod again after a long period of not doing so: It was plugged in, only charging, but Battery probably almost flat: Connected 'phone to charge/bluetooth as I motored along.  Message came up on radio console something like (silly me, didn't write it down..) "too much current drain, USB powered off".  Thought nothing of it, it would fix itself next time I started car: It didn't...

The 'phone and iPod still connect, can play music etc etc but neither charges. 

'Phone now working, charging off an adaptor in the cigar lighter (in under-armrest thingy)

I've removed the USB hub, plugged devices directly in, same problem: Changed cable for 'phone, same problem.  Checked cables worked OK via this laptop.

I've read the manuals that came with the car, tried all the menus, nothing, stumped.  Anyone got any idea how to turn it on again, please? 

Regards & thanks in advance.

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Well, dear reader, for the benefit of anyone else who gets the problem, it appears to have fixed itself. 


After all the above, and a long drive (1k+) north listening to iPod I thought I'd try connecting 'phone to USB port again: It works!  Not sure why, I'm just guessing that connecting something with a lower-current drain (iPod) has reset something.  Not yet tried connecting all via USB hub again yet.

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