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Buying tyres


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Hi guys, 2003 Rav, had a puncture on a tyre that needed changing anyway earlier in the week and just replaced it with the spare until today (still plenty of tread left on that one). The guy in the tyre place just said if the wheel wasn't the spare I should be looking to change all 4 on the car as replacing less than this could "wind up the diff" due to it being a 4x4. Is he just trying to screw me out of a full set of tyres or is this true? I've never heard it before. Thanks in advance

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Load of cobblers.  The function of a diff is to ALLOW the wheels to rotate at slightly different speeds.

He may be confusing it with part-time 4WD, which have no front-to-back diff, and, if driven in 4WD on hard roads, can wind-up the transmission, usually breaking gears in the transfer case.

Your vehicle has a front-to back limited-slip diff.  The slight difference in tyre diameter is nothing compared to speed differences which arise when going round corners and bends.

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Sounds like the tyre fitter is the one winding up,perhaps they are down on sales this month or simply the way that they operate to get your dosh

Get a second opinion mate


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