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Wireless Charging An Iphone


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Has anybody managed to find a simple way to wirelessly charge their iphone on a Gen 4?


If I am not mistaken, it is the standard QI and all that you need is a qi to lightning coil. They fit easily inside your phone case, then place the phones coil on top of the one built in to the dashboard.

If you get both the phone coil and charging pad. You can set up wireless syncing with the computer while the phone is on the charging pad.

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I've just set up my aging Sansung Galaxy Ace GT-s5830i to charge wirelessly. The only problem I've had is the phone is so light and small, it doesn't stay still and stops charging. I've managed to get around this by applying some double sided Velcro at one end of the charger tray which holds it at one end.

There are numerous wireless receiver cards (mainly from China) with different types of connection to suit almost all phones. They don't cost much (£6-£9). The main advantage is you don't wear out the connection point on the phone (Mine uses a microUSB).

A bigger phone with more weight and a rubberised back is the ideal solution.

I'd like to hear from other users if they find newer phones such as the iPhone, S7 etc work out the box in the prius

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