Temperamental key fob locking/unlocking

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Hi all

Got a 2003 (53) Toyota avensis T4 2.0vvti

Replaced the battery in the keyfob about a year ago and never had a problem with the unlocking/locking.

But recently in the past month no matter how close or far away from the car you seem to have to press the button 3+ times to operate whether it be to unlock,lock or boot. The little red indicator on the fob still lights up all the times the buttons are pressed.

Seems to be like the car doesnt get a signal all the time. Unfortunately i only have one key fob and the master grey key so cant test whether its the fob or the car playing up.


Is there a sensor or something i can clean/replace? Re program the key with the car. Or has it got to go back to the main dealer.



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If you have the key code with the manual and other paperwork, you could go to Toyota and get another key,and if they are obliging, get your key resynced too. The other option is to change the battery again. Could be a duff battery and age make no difference. Also the key fob buttons are known to wear, and you may just need to replace the buttons.  

There are auto locksmiths who could do all the above.

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Does your profile need updating from the Carina/Hilux to the Avensis.

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