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What is the highest mileage IQ?

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I'm glad that I have upped your confidence :P


I am after the same thing haha

I want somebody to have 250k+ please?????????????????


I have a Eurotrip planned this year down to Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia and back up again

I did it last year and it was 4000miles in 2 weeks and the little noddy car held out perfectly.

Went through the Swiss mountains, to the castle at the top of the hill in San Marino, then into the Bosnian hills towards Mostar and down towards Budva in Montenegro.

13-17% incline hills in places :P

Hoping I don't kill it this time

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59 plate iq3 107700 , will still be pounding the a14 and m6 4 days a week for the next 5 years


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Hello all.

I recently spotted an advertisement where an IQ had 149,000 miles on the clock. The owner mentioned it was still running like a dream. Not bad for a 998cc engine.


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Good evening!

I have an iQ which has done around 149,980 miles, and I was wondering if any of you had seen an iQ with a higher mileage than this. I really want to know if this is just a really strange outlier or something that is more common than I know, because the only other iQ's I have seen max out at about 50k normally sat at 20k.

Many thanks

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33000 miles bought a year ago for £2500

If I continue use at its previous rate of 3500 pa (my present rate), I shall be 130 years old when I reach my target of 200,000 miles.

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23000 miles on our iQ2. Only been used around town and for local travel these last 11 years. The 'big' car does the longer journeys !!

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My iq3 now around 160000 miles , this is the 1st time in 10 years that i've hit a time service instead of mileage. Had her parked up  for   3 months last year, due to furlough and roadworks outside my house. Still going like a train up and down the a14 and m6, but think i'll be changing to a yaris cross later this year.

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