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Mods - where to buy?

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So I de-badged mine over the weekend just to tidy it up.. got me thinking, has anyone some good intetrnational links for items for the avensis?

!Removed! must have modded one of the most popular Toyota saloons going?

Not after wild bodykits but subtle trim, grills, lights, tuning parts - even though mines the diesel the rest is the same as others in the range - cant find anything but lowerig springs and k&n filter


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I imagine Toyota though you left the Burberry chav tastic hoody wearing baseball cap. Dustbin exhaust removing a plug lead to make it sound like a scooby doo init Bruv  behind when you grew up and bought a old man flat cap why won't my car reach 42.888888 mpg gallon driving at a snails pace avensis lol .not that I'm judging of course .

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Hi, have a look at www.aliexpress.com, is your a t250? or earlier model? I'm about to buy an android head unit and they have ones that correctly fit the space (with an 8.8 inch screen!) rather than buying a generic double din unit and adapter plate. They also do lots of LED light ad ons, you might like the ones that produce BMW style halo daytime lights because they come with a remote control to change the colour if you are showing....you'd have to take your headlights apart to fit though but are definitely a bit different...

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