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Screenwash turning to jelly

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Coming out (just) in blobs of clear gel-like substance. Never seen this before. I will refill and try and flush through but any ideas on this?

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Never seen or heard of this before. I have to imagine the chemical of the washer fluid has broken down. It depends on the brand of the fluid and what it was made of. I normal only use premix washer fluid, but would suggest you use water to dilute and flush the system out. If it is really bad, the reservoir will need to accessed or removed for a good flush, including clearing the hoses and jets.

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I had similar on an Avensis I bought a few years ago - the rear washer liquid was a bit like gel, albeit perhaps not as bad as you describe yours.  The front washers were fine, and the water in the reservoir also seemed ok.  Mine purged through fine after a few 'forced washes', but I did them as I drove around, with a good few minutes between them to prevent the motor overworking.  The problem never came back.  I blamed it on the wrong additives and under-use causing the liquid to set.  I also made a point to always use proper screen wash additives after that, ie not squeezy etc.

If your gel is particularly thick, it might be an idea to remove the pipe from behind the washer jets and purge, since it'll be much easier for the pump to throw it out the open end of a hose rather than squeeze it through a tiny jet.

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Like alan333 says, purging the system should work. A good way to clear out any crud from the washer system, mould, dirt, jellified washer fluid etc., is to try to empty as much of the existing fluid from the reservoir as possible. Then pour in a good amount of pure isopropyl alcohol. I usually put about 1 litre in, if I see any mould on the sides of the reservoir.

Then simply operate your washer system, front and rear, in short bursts, until the reservoir is empty. The isopropyl alcohol should kill any bacteria and mould and break down any jelly like substances in the system. Then refill with your usual screen wash.

IPA 100% | 1 LITRE | Lab/Pharma. Grade | Isopropyl Alcohol/Isopropanol (99%) 1L

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