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Remove rear bumper


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New to forum. Just picked up a low mileage Auris ( 2007 ) and want to fit reversing sensors.

I have had a quick look to see if anyone has removed the rear bumper but can't find a thread. 

Sooo, can anyone please enlighten me on how to remove the rear bumper ( 1.6 T Spirit ) or is it best to try and fit on the car?

Thanks in advance 


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Could have a look at https://www.toyota-tech.eu

1) for instructions on fitting Toyota parking sensors to see whether the bumper has to be removed, and

2) if the bumper does have to be removed, for removal instructions.

Be aware some info is chargeable to download.

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I had some non Toyota ones fitted to mine, a 2011 model but I'm sure it's very similar. The fitter didn't have to remove the bumper. I was scared of drilling the bumper 😉

I'm afraid I didn't see how he did it as I believe in leaving people to do the job. 



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there will be a couple of screws in each rear wheel arch maybe a couple on the top edge on the bumper

and 4 underneath the car,but really you shouldn't have to remove the bumper there should be

enough room to get your hand in there.


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I fitted reversing sensors without removing bumper..... 

Here's the install, but I don't know where the pics have gone... Sorry... 


I decided to fit a set of reversing sensors from here after nearly hitting a low wall twice while reversing in a car park. I bought from here because this is where I bought my Rear View Dimming Mirror for my Honda Accord, and they were very good.

The kit I bought consists of 4 sensors, the CPU, the LED display, tapered spacers for bumpers that are not flat and even the correct sized drill.




The first thing I did was to get underneath and remove the plastic cover. 



And locate and measure the distance from the ground to the top of this beam. As i didn't want to drill through the bumper only to hit this beam and not be able to push the sensor in.


Then I found the centre of the car and measured of the sensor dimensions according to the instructions.


Then drill the holes, carefully, and pop in the 4 sensors. I drilled the holes 58cm up and 40cm apart. The instructions say anything from 50cm-80cm up and from 30cm-40cm apart.


I then collated all 4 wires and run them through the bottom of the spare wheel well cable tying as I went to keep things neat and tidy.

I run the wires through the left side because that's where the reversing light (red wire) is


And attached the cpu to the side of the boot with the supplied double sided pad. I ran out of light but when I get time I'm gonna cover the wires in some sort of wire sheath.


I fitted the LED Display on the roof at the back of the car because I didn't really want to run the cable the whole length of the car. And wasn't too keen on having the LED Display on the dash either. This was how my Honda Accord was done by Honda themselves.




You can see quite clearly the the display in the rear view mirror but, as you may have guessed, it is upside down. Doesn't bother me though. Left is still left and right is still right. Just the distance figures are reversed.




I reversed up to a wall and stopped as soon as the display showed 0.9m. I then measured the distance and it was pretty good.


I then drove up to 0.5m and it started to over read.


I then reversed right up to when the display beeped out and LED's turned solid and this is the gap left.


All in all i'm very happy with the kit. The Display is bright and clear and the buzzer is plenty loud enough.

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I know this is an old topic but how does the parking sensor display show the left and right side? Will there be reversing of image by the mirror so that the left side shown in the mirror is actually the right side?

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On 4/24/2021 at 2:35 PM, rajivrattna said:

I know this is an old topic but how does the parking sensor display show the left and right side? Will there be reversing of image by the mirror so that the left side shown in the mirror is actually the right side?

Lol, I have moved on from this car years ago but since I did the same set up in my new car I'll try and explain. 

The display is meant to be mounted on the dashboard facing you. So when you mount it at the back of the car facing forwards its the wrong way. I.E. Its reversed. So now when you look in the mirror at the display the mirror flips it back the correct way again. So left side is left side and right is right. The numbers are a little messed up but it's easy to read and correct in ones head. I mainly used the LED Squares any how. 

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