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Leaving 2013 Auris Hybrid for 2 weeks


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I have been meaning to post this for a little while, not sure why I have not. :blink:

I am not sure if there is anything that I should do regarding the vehicle as we are leaving on holidays for a few weeks. I apologise if this is a ridiculous question but I would sure hate to have not done something and we get back to an un-driveable hybrid!


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if you have keyless entry you may have a problem,i left my car for 3 weeks over christmas and my Battery was flat

due to the keyless entry searching for your key.

if you carried in the car a Battery like this  https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p79562?table=no

it would get you out of trouble

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Fwiw, I think the OP has an Icon trim, so probably not fitted with the keyless entry.

Just in case the 12v Battery does go flat whilst you are away, it is worth familiarising yourself with how to get at it, if you haven't already, and the procedure for starting the car. (Around page 680 in the earlier version of the manual?) The door remote opener won't work, so you'll have to use the key lock on the driver's door.

Then you have 2 options as I understand it:-

1. Connect another car battery via jump leads to the 'special' connection that Toyota have thoughtfully provided inside the engine bay fuse box, on the r/h side of the engine bay, worth checking where this is.

2. Trickle charge the Battery directly (so you need to get access to the boot r/h side - but the boot lock won't be working so you'll have to get access through the rear passenger seats. Then connect your Battery charger to the battery terminals and/or use 'back door opening procedure' on page 205, as the boot floor trim and plastic trim are going to make this very difficult to get to the battery otherwise. As will a boot full of stuff.

Also, perhaps best to park the car so you can get into the engine compartment, as the parking brake won't allow you to move the car until the 12v system is working again, and you might want to get another car alongside, i.e. how long are your jump leads?


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Splendid! Thank you for the top tips. 

Gerg, you are correct, it is an Icon, so there is no keyless entry. I am probably overstating the issue here as we are only gone for 2 weeks. But nonetheless, it is always good to know what is recommended practice with a car like this one.

Cheers Fellas!

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I left my 2011 Auris hybrid for 2.5 weeks over Easter and it was fine even with the keyless entry. All I did was lock  it with the key so that it didn't set the alarm. I think a lot of it depends on how healthy your 12v Battery is. I had a jump start pack in the house ready just in case!

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