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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Mr Wolf

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It won't be too long before I'll be replacing my front tyres and it struck me that if I have them replaced by one of the National Tyre Retail outlets do they normally reset the TPMS for tyres they replace?

Alternatively, I could have my Toyota dealer do the resetting but no doubt it would cost me! Is it a reasonable DIY job I could do and would I need any special tools?

Any advice welcome, please.

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The warning light is coming on, Avensis ICON 64 plate 2.0 manual diesel, especially cold warnings, when the tyre pressures are OK.  Sometimes goes off later.

I've read & re-read the manual but can't work out how to reset: Anyone kindly give me a pointer for where documented or how, please?

Regards & thanks in advance

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Thanks for advice above.

Had to have a tyre replaced the other day (side-wall damage/bulge).  There was also faint clunking from wheel (nearside rear).  Had local tyre shop replace, fine, but they found tyre sensor had detached, now a bit damaged, had been glued before (might explain earlier problems..). 

Clearly not an urgent problem & tyre shop didn't have spare sensor in, could get supply & fit (genuine toyota part) about £60.  Mr T quoted about £160 likewise, including "integrating new sensor".  Any views regarding if it's worth risking the local tyre shop doing this?

Regards & thanks in advance



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