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Help Please! I'm New To Jap Cars!


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Firstly could someone tell me how high the tickover should go when the engine is started from cold, i.e a cool morning of about 5 degrees?? Not wanting to give too much away but I think its a tad high and maybe fluctuates a bit till warm.

Secondly, I recently have taken it on a longish run and found that ocassionally the car gave an almost impercievable hiccup, then picked up like a startled cat, this happened about three times in 120 mile of motorway driving.

Any ideas or info would be helpfull.

Many thanks LOKI. :thumbsup:

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Startled cat: You will get a sudden small reduction in power when the aircon compressor engages and a sudden small increase when it disengages again. This can feel like a very slight jolt, but that's about all. Would be good to know speed, gear and how hard you were accelerating at the time.

Tickover from cold: This is allowed to be high and on cold days, with my 1.8 VVTi at least, it can fluctuate a bit for the first 10 secs or so. 1500RPM or so would seem about right but I've not actually checked. But, as long as it's idling smoothly and can pull away well then I see no problem with that.


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Thanks for the response's;

The aircon was not on and the speed was about 85-90 mph (the gear was obviously in 5th).

I know engines fairly well, and have rebuilt them after blowing heads before, but have never owned a 16v or a jap car for that matter. I know that an engine is in principal the same no matter what country its from. but I have been told to expect the tickover to be quite high on these cars (2000 rpm) for a few minutes till its warm, then it settles to about 750 rpm.

The hiccup is kind of like a fuel/air glitch or even a slight missfire.

The car has full dealer service history, and I believe that it has mainly done motorway work, however now its is just started doing the school runs.

Thats all the info I have I'm afraid, any light shed on it or ideas are very welcome. :thumbsup:

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