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Car paint scratched, Need help to fix!

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So I parked the car in the garage in the middle of the night, didn't see anything and I accidentally hit the garageedge  .. :(

Here's how it looks:

How could I fix it in the best possible way?
Sand, apply primer, then sand spray paint matching the car? Or how would you do?
You see the metal, some round circles that you see in the picture.

Toyota verso color code: 1G3

Was on:
And entered the color code as well as the car model and got three different brands, multona which is approximately the same color or Auto-K which apparently should be "original color".
What do you recommend that I do? Want to fix the car as new.
This is the Auto-K 1G3 Toyota color together with their 2-Coat Clearcoat / Clearcoat. Should I buy this?

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Frankly, mate...if you want to fix it to be "as new", then I'd bite the bullet and get it done professionally.

I doubt you'd be happy with anything you can achieve "DIY."....




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I agree. Have it done by a professional. 

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