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Crank, but no start


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The car cranks, but fails to start. The Battery is fully charged. The security light goes out when key is in the ignition so the immobiliser is not the issue. I can hear the clicking sound when the key is turned to on position. Techstream gives no errors and have primed the pump through it. I can't see where the starter is located so I can give it a knock with a hammer. I have checked all the fuses in the passenger footwell and engine bay, not sure which is the EFI relay.




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You said it was cranking but not starting.. If it's cranking the starter is OK... If you hear nothing but a click from the starter solenoid then yes maybe, the starter needs a light tap....

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Got it started. Opened the air filter box and could smell fuel, cranked it up and hit the gas pedal and it eventually got going and cut out. Tried again with MAF sensor connected and left the the air box slightly opened, it started with check engine light; P0102 mass air flow circuit low and P0113 intake air temperature circuit high input. Deleted the codes with techstream and let it idle for 5 minutes.

The air filter element is filthy and need to replace it and probably the spark plugs as well but didn't have 14mm spark plug socket. I will also clean EGR valve, does this engine/model have a separate fuel filter?

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