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Can d4d be remapped?

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I was looking into tuning boxes but have changed my mind as I think they will wreck the car. I see 2 types of boxes one that connects to the common rail and one that just connects to each individual injector.

now I've been told that the common rail one will anhialate fuel pump and cause lots of issues and the other one I've seen that plugs onto each injector will wreck my injectors? Not sure how true this is the injector one was a dtuk system. 

Now ive seen that you can't remap the d4d and that you can. What one is true mines an 06 plate t3. 

If it can't be remapped does anyone have experience on the dtuk pulse box that I was looking at that connects to the injectors. My cars at 76k miles so I don't really want to annialate injectors pumps etc if I can help it. 

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