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Oil Consumption


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I own a 2001 Avensis Vermont bought second hand Dec 2003 with 17,000 on the clock, 12 months Toyota warranty and full service history by original supplier a Toyota dealer, from whom I bought the car.

I had an interim service in February at 18,200 and since then I've covered an extra 3,200 miles and have added 1.5 litres of oil. This seems a bit excessive to me. Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so, what was the cure?

All and any info gratefully received



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I have an Avensis 1.8 VVTi Y reg. At last services I was advised that the oil was dropping outwith Toyota tolerance and at the last service I was asked to book it in to have the engine block replaced. Toyota garage said it was a known problem with that engine and was fixed under warranty. Next service is due soon so will see if it has worked.

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Yeh i've heard of this before, there seems to be a few little problems with the newer VVT-i engines, I can't really see why they went over to them, the old engines in my opinion were superior. My 3S-FE (old 2.0) sounds a lot better than the VVT-i one which sounds rattly and wheezy and also appears to have less torque low down although it does have a bit more power higher up, but at least the old ones had 15-20 years track-record.

Hope you get it fixed.

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The oil consumptions quoted above are within the (very wide) spec quoted in toyota's avensis manual.

Before buying by 1.8VVTi model I also test drove an Avensis with the old 1.8 engine. Smoother, quieter and more reliable (I guess) but way, way behind the competition when it comes to power. In other words, I think they had to replace it in order to keep up with the competition.

I'm sure it's the case that the new engine is less bomb-proof than the old one but then that always is the way for the first few years of a design, however well intentioned and tested. I could also point to a few engine management inadequacies (I suspect) which they'll doubtless sort out over time. Think I've read elsewhere that VVTi engines are 'allowed' to sound a bit more rattly because of the variable valve timing. Anyway, the VVTi ones seem to be right up there with ford and vauxhall when it comes to power output, and that's what sells cars.

So, while I'm generally very critical of the Avensis, I think the new engine was needed and is actually pretty good. Having said that, of course I take the points about smoothness etc.


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