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Urban cruiser motor swap

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I drive with a lot of fun for 6 years my Urban cruiser. But I like to have more horse power. I have the (1NR-FE) 1.3 VVT-i motor. Now I know the Urban cruiser is built on the same platform as the Yaris PII. So I think the 1.8 T-sport motor should fit in the Urban cruiser. Is there someone who can tell me if this is possible. Or know someone  who have the knowledge. In Holland it is an dead and. 



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Certainly possible as the car was offered as the Scion Xd is the US and used the 1.8 vvt petrol ( not the 1.8 vvtli ) as standard, it would however not be a simple task and would only probably be feasible if you had an Xd to swap the parts out and even there's no guarantee of a simple swap especially as you want the vvtli engine which was never fitted to the Xd

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