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Radio buttons does not respond after car service - Corolla Verso 2006


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Hello! :)

I'm a newbie in this forum, but have one problem to ask about - our car (2006 Corolla Verso Linea Sol) had a problem with alternator (gave too high voltage). It was replaced in a local Toyota dealer/service, but after the service I noticed that most of the radio buttons does not work: the wheels work so that I can turn the radio on, change volume, tune manually, but any other button (FM/AM, channel presets, CD etc.) does not respond at all, excluding MUTE-button that works.

Radio controls on steering wheel work, though, but those on the radio itself does not.

What can cause this problem? The radio worked perfectly before the service changed the alternator to a new one...

The service center suggests that the whole radio needs to be replaced, which is quite expensive (though they said they will pay half of the expenses, as the radio stopped working during their repair). But I was wondering, can it be something simpler problem? Like that the car computer has "forgotten" the pairing with the radio unit as the car electricity has has been disconnected during the repair, or could simply some cable gone loose?

All ideas are appreciated! :)

Best regards,


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