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Windscreen washer jets

Matthew Ayling

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I have a 2016 Verso.

When I first had my Verso I had great washer jets. They have now 'faded'.

On previous cars, a careful clean and adjustment with a pin soon sorted them.

Have tried with this one with no success. They are very hard to get to and adjust in any way. I now have the nearside partly on screen but also over the roof and the offside sparying generally on screen. Far worse than they were.

So much harder to adjust than the old Corolla Verso.

Any others had any problems or anyone with any hints for success?



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Not sure if you've got the same known problem with the screen washer, but have a look at my post below.

Since that problem and to avoid the hassle, I've only put high quality pre-mixed screenwash in the reservoir, as it would appear to be a poorly designed valve thats prone to clogging.


On 24/09/2015 at 8:22 PM, estate said:

The drivers side windscreen washer valve failed on my 2012 Avensis and I was very surprised when the Service Manager at my local Toyota garage informed me that its not covered by the 5 year warranty. He informed me that he had been caught out before by replacing them on other vehicles only for Toyota to refuse payment.

So it would appear that Toyota has fitted a unreliable part on their cars, and because its failing, they have decided to call it a "consumable" item that's wearing out, to get them out of a warranty repair.

To be fare on my local Toyota garage they only charged me for the cost of the valve (£14.64) and fitted it for free.

I have complained to Toyota head office and their initial response was that the person in charge of warranty repairs has decided its not a warranty failure, I now await their final response to my complaint.


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