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1990 Hiace WIRING GURU needed. Short circuit


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Hi guys . I have a 1990 Hiace diesel van..  with ignition trouble.

I did tests with everything connected. A voltage drop test. Whilst running i didnt get a charge from the alternator, but only the voltage from the jump pack. This voltage slowly dropped, as resistance occured somewhere.

I have no lights on the dash when i switch to ignition ON. (Brand new batteries)

The only 2  ways i can get power, is a jump pack which is connected to the alternator LIVE . And earthed anywhere. 

This allows it to run fine. 

The second way, is using wire to bridge the LIVE terminal on the Battery, to the maxi fuse box (with 40a main, 100a alternator, 50a somethibg) located next to the Battery terminal on the LIVE cable. I have to join this wire to the nut and thread, which is linked to the starter and alternator.

HOWEVER, doing it this way causes the oil light, radiator coolant light to illuminate on the dash board. With the oil buzzer noise also. 

All lights illuminate when ignition ON. It cranks over and runs fine.  Just with oil light, coolant level light and buzzer


Any help appreciated

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