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1988 EP70 Toyota Starlet [Semi-Restore]

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Just purchased a 1988 Toyota starlet, 

280,000kms - got it for a fair price

1000cc gasoline motor, 4 speed Manuel

3 door

It runs a little rough, lots of little things need to be done like Engine Mounts, Oil change, Investigate the chunky **** on the dipstick (probably gasket of some description). A full service would be required. The suspension needs some work as well, The shocks need replacing.

The body is riddled with rust and shoddy bondo jobs. the bonnet has structural rust at the front, lucky for me my best mate knows a guy who restores tractors from Ireland. The car seems structurally sound, knock on wood, 

I was wondering what the most common problems are with this model starlet. (If I haven't already listed them.) And what would be the best way to prevent them. I'm on a pretty tight budget. I'm just trying to get the car up to good working order and make it more reliable. If a mechanically minded wizard of automotive could help me out, that would be amazing.

I'm in New Zealand btw. Pics up soon. As I find anything else I will post.

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Moved to the Paseo/Sera/Starlet GT/Glanza club.

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