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Yesterday I noticed a feature whilst checking the fluids. 

I looked at the underside of the bonnet or hood, and noticed a plastic switch looking object.

20171206_131028.thumb.jpg.8e4e3f5cab6dbd8a3af7c317519a892a.jpg 20171206_131042.thumb.jpg.dd6e70e895385856ce43b2c5872eeec3.jpg

Being curious I discovered it can be removed, exposing another slot for the stay to be located.


The bonnet is then held at a wider angle.

This is probably in other cars and gives better access without removing the bonnet completely.

The oil level is good by the way, just above the max mark. Engine had not been start nearly two days. Had to only top up the window washer fluid.

Not much else going on with the car, so this is news. :rolleyes:


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