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Mk3 Supra Gearbox Conversion Choices


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I have recently bought into a project Mk3 Supra. It started out as a 3.0l n/a 7mge, since then it has had a supercharger setup installed, and the fuel injection removed, replaced with a Holley carb system, pushing the power to around 400bhp.

I've purchased the car part way through a drag conversion, gearbox removed, being set up for a th350 auto box. I personally want to complete it for rare road/track use, and use a manual box.

I have a couple contenders considering my budget, I was wondering wether they would work.

First, the C90 6-Speed Manual box from the Audi S4 B5 2.7L Twin Turbo engine. I haven't a clue wether this box will fit, being off a German car, I know you can get adapter plates and I'll need some other bits like clutch, flywheel, and more... but I'm not too knowledgable in gearbox swaps. 

Secondly, the Celica Gto gearbox from the 4T-GTE engine, I'm not 100% on the name of the gearbox used but I know the engines ran from 360-600 PS so it'd be more than enough to handle the power. If anyone has any general info on them, would it fit, Also what adapter parts I'd need for it? I can't find any online to price up.

My budget for the gearbox alone is around £600, clutch and flywheel plus other needed parts is around £600 as well if there are any other good swaps about. Preferably something that can run over 400bhp nicely so I won't be putting any major strain on the box. 

Many thanks,


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You probably can't get one in your budget, but an R154 is the obvious choice, as that was what the Supra manual turbo came with from the factory, - you'd could fit it with factory parts!

They are tough as nails (originally came from a coach.. Toyota Coaster). Failing that, you might have better luck finding a W58 (Supra N/A, but later used in the JXA-80 N/A and a  bit stronger).

Most of the Tuned Lexus V8 people are running BMW Getrag 6 Speeds these days, they are a lot more common than the "proper" Toyota part, a similar shape, strong and cheap. Obviously you'll require fab work.

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Thanks for the reply.


in update, I have actually ended up extending the budget and picking myself up and R154 gearbox, complete with short shifter kit.

I've got some Redline MT90 oil for it, and a Competition Clutch Stage 3 Ceramic spring clutch for it. Looking to have it fitted in the weekend hopefully, as well as measuring up the exhaust and propshaft (getting a single piece manufactured).

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