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TP radio auto-scan

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Hi all,

Apologies in advance if already asked/if an obvious answer - just got an older Aygo (2006) and I bought an FM transmitter for my smartphone to stream music.

It works fine, but something called 'TP Scan' automatically switches it back to the nearest channel (i.e. radio 1, heart etc.) instead of staying on the 'empty' frequency I've set the transmitter to. Does anyone have any idea how to turn this TP function off so the FM stays on the empty frequency matched to my transmitter? I've consulted an Aygo manual and it doesn't really help.
Ps: if you can see pics my dashboard is identical to that layout



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You need to press the TA button a few times.

On the display you will get  'TP' then 'TA' then 'nothing'
You want nothing.

TP = Traffic Programme.  Which means only tune into a station that has RDS Traffic Announcments.
TA = Traffic Announcement.  Which like is like TP but you only hear the traffic announcement, the radio is quite at all other times.

Nothing =  The radio will tune into any station.

You tune the radio to the frequency of your FM transmitter thingy, then the radio see's no RDS Traffic Announcement flag so it tries to be helpful and searches (TP Scan) for a station that does.
Hope this helps :smile:



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Hi thanks very much! I will give it a shot tomorrow :)

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