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RAV 4 Service report


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G'day all.


Todays service report recommendations from the Visual Safety Check and the dealers costs if I choose to have them done:

RAV 4, 2005

Exhaust Blow on Union between Mid & Rear, Recommend replace due to heavy corrosion - £1791

Rear Bump stoppers Heavy perished/damaged - £242

Front shock Gaiters split - £197

Both Rear Brake Pipes corroded before Flexihose - £360

Rear Brake Backing Plates corroded - £1497


Does all this make sense to you other RAVites - Seem heavily priced to me - especially the backing plates.

Any other dealers etc feel like submitting a sealed bid for consideration...?



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The backing plates are incorporated with the drums - that's why they are so pricey.  You don't really need them replaced.  Just remove the rusted metal.

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Think I would show a written out list i.e.without the prices to an independent repairer first.Ask among your friends if they know a good one they trust.Not all non genuine replacement parts should be overlooked as they may be made by the same people that supply main dealers but because they are not branded they can come out cheaper  Just my opinion

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Fear not dear people, the "sealed bids" was tongue in cheek.:laugh:

As you would all be aware, Toyota are EXPENSIVE when it comes to spare and repairs.

The exhaust is the most pressing matter, the rest are amber advisories and as always second opinions will be sought.

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Easy fix for the exhaust. Take it to an exhaust fitting place. Get the union piece cut out completely and a piece of pipe of same diameter welded into its place. Joins both pipes permanently but the other way ur replacing both parts. £40 to do my Rav. Two years ago. No probs. 

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