older but wiser?

replace center console cup holders

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I have 2015 auris excel hybrid, had it about three months now and I am really happy with it.

apart from two things, one is the horn (being changed soon) and the other is

the center console next to the hand brake. I have no need of extra cup holders or the silly little ash traycup thingy.

So is there another type, in other models of the Auris?

one with a rectangle flat bottomed compartment, that maybe has a hinged lid?

any help would be welcome.


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The answer is no, having looked at the parts catalogue all variations are setup with the cup holder and divider.

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Looks like it could be a job for a diy project. . Make your own useful compartment. 

Either that or buy some cups.. ;-)

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Hi Chris,

I'm probably way off the mark here but if you want to use your cup holders for something different, you can get all sorts of bits and bobs that fit into them....For example a Car charger for your phone:


For the other cup holder, you can get a black plastic, cup holder,  ashtray from a Pound Shop or Poundstretcher for....err...One Pound! :blush:  The ashtray has a lid on it so you can use it as a little bin for Toffee wrappers and the like instead of as an ashtray.

Like I said, I'm probably way off the mark but it was just a thought.

All the best! :smile:

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