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GR Supra Concept at Geneva 2018


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Toyota Outsource all their interesting cars now, started with the '86 basically being a  Subaru! Look out for an MX5 Based one too.

At least It has a Straight 6, and will drive well! and at least Toyota will be selling interesting cars again! This is good news! The brand lacked excitement for too long. 

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The GT86 was co-developed with Subaru, rather than outsourced to them. Toyota own 16.6% of Subaru.

Doubtful there will be an MX-5 based Toyota as this would be too close to the GT86. The Fiat 124 Spider is already MX-5 based and built by Mazda.

Mazda already use Toyota's hybrid drivetrains in their Mazda 3, and have access to Toyota's fuel cell technology. Mazda build the Yaris sedan in Mexico for sale in the US - which is based on the current Mazda 2. Toyota also has access to Mazda's Sky-Activ engines.

Similarly the Supra is a co-development. When the new Supra does enter production, both the Supra and BMW's sister car will be built by the Canadian-owned Magna Steyr in Austria. Magna Steyr currently build the Mercedes G-wagon, BMW 5 series, Jaguar E-pace, and will build the Jaguar I-pace.

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