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p0400 Egr?

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Hello All,


Been having the Vsc trc lights  fairly consistently coming up for the past year or so.  Lights would go after cleaning egr but would soon come back.  Bit the bullet and decided to replace the EGR valve and all has been fine for a month but today the warning lights are back.  Code p0400.

Can someone shed some light on what may be causing this as I expected the new EGR to have resolved issue once and for all.  

Car going into Toyota in next 2 weeks for MOT and service so I expect it will be tackled by them but interested to know what my be the cause.


Frustrating to say the least





2007 Avensis t25 2.2d D4d



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There is more to the EGR system than just the EGR valve, check all the pipes, the passage through the cylinder head, intake manifold & EGR cooler for carbon blockage 


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I've got an Avensis that I have to remove the egr cooler from to clean, but it seems very awkward for access.

Any tips, diagrams for taking the part off?


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