Celica 190 T-sport track project

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Going looking at a 04 190 with FTSH and 108k miles at the weekend and if its decent it will be turned into a track project. Nothing to crazy, full service including brake discs, fluid and anything else that need refreshing  lowering springs (TTE or Eibach?), OE 140 16" track wheels & tyres (Yoko A038-R), OE T-sport 17s with decent wet weather/road tyres (Rainsport 3 or Yoko R1R's), track pads front and rear (stoptech sport?), camber bolts with aggressive geo (slight toe out on the front with max camber, is the rear toe adjustable?), full weight reduction with single fixed back bucket and harness.


Advice and opinions on mods welcome.



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Moved to the Celica club.

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