1972 Hiace 1.6 12R - drum to disc conversion parts

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Hi Guys,

I just purchased a 1972 Toyota Hiace "Newlander 2" motorhome. This was built by Newlander conversions in the UK in 1972 based on the Hiace pickup chassis. It has a 1.6 litre 12R engine with 4-speed column shift manual transmission.

The current brake system is drums all round. I've read a few posts about swapping these for discs, either from later model Hiaces or possibly the Hilux. I wanted to ask if someone could give some definitive guidance on what parts from which vehicles, of which year would be compatible.

On another matter, I'm finding parts, in general, fairly hard to find based on searching for "1972 Hiace" so I'm using a combination of early to mid-70s Hilux and Corona searches for 12R engine parts like thermostats, water pump, HT leads, spark plugs, air filter, valve cover gasket, etc. I see a lot of these parts listed on eBay Australia, but obviously shipping time and cost is a factor. Are there any tips on finding parts for this vehicle in the UK?

I was also entertaining the feasibility of an engine swap in the future to upgrade the fairly pedestrian 12R to something with a bit more power and more common parts availability, like a Merc OM diesel or a VW TDI maybe - does anyone know about compatibility and whether anyone else has been able to do a swap for reasonable money?

Thanks guys - it's great to be on the forum!

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Welcome, Robin.

A rare "classic" you got there I guess....sadly,  the info you need/want may well be in very short supply in the UK.

I reckon Oz & NZ are the places that you may find the best for parts/info.

Good luck with it.

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I don't mean to disrespect your motorhome, but surely drum brakes are perfectly adequate for a 1970's vehicle with a 1.6 engine?  Back in the late 70's til late 80's I drove various Hiace and Hilux vans and pick ups (possibly the 'newer' model?) and I don't ever remember wishing they had better brakes.

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