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2005 D4D Rav4 - P0380 code


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Hi all....

Had this code for a while which is glow plug circuit a. glow plugs have been replaced and glow plug light comes on and goes out fine! Car does struggle to start and Halfrauds Battery tester said "replacement advised"..... could it actually be the Battery??

Also when driving turbo boosts fine in low gears but as soon as 4th is selected after hard acceleration I get limp mode..... then all of a sudden "woosh" turbo kicks back in!

Its only in 4th and 5th though?? 

Any help? 

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Hi Andrew - are you getting both the glow plug and the turbo issue or just one of them?

I suspect they are unrelated as I have had the glow plug warning on and off for the last 3 years but no limp mode, but if you could clarify then maybe folks will have some ideas.

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