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E11 Models Explained

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Hello all,


Is anyone able to explain the different models / trim levels of the E11 corollas? I see the words GS, GLS, Vida, CD etc but I cant appear to find the differences between each one. Also, which ones are the rarest and which is the most reliable?



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Not a complete picture but:

Trim levels varied through the life of the E11. When we bought a new 1.3GS in February 1998, the base model was the S.

In December 1998 the UK range was made up of, in ascending order: 1.3; S; GS; GLS; G6. Air con came with the GS and above. The 3 door was available in 1.3 and 1.6 petrols. The 5 door in 1.3, 1.6 petrols and 2.0 diesel. The 4 door in 1.6 petrol. The estate in 1.6 petrol and 2.0 diesel.The G6 was the sporty model with a 1.3 engine and six speed transmission. A 1.6 G6 was available for a short time. Info extracted from Toyota's December 1998 brochure.

The Vida was a limited edition when the range was facelifted in 2000, and the 1.4VVti engine was introduced.

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