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Mirrorlink issue

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Hello everyone,

i own a Yaris 2017 with a Touch 2 system. I am trying to run apps like LG Mirrordrive or Rockscout from my S7 edge but with no much success. More specifically, whenever i open LG Mirrordrive a screen shows up saying that the application is working only on LG devices, i click OK, my phone's screen shows up for 1 second and then i get a message that i can only use the app when the car is stopped, even though i am parked and the hand brake is up!!!

Regarding RockScout, i open the app and then when i select for example Youtube, a message is displayed that there are no sources to be displayed.

I have followed the instructions in this video in order to connect my phone.
My head unit's software version is HE3934 and device id: 13TXDAEU-CA04

Can somebody help me please?

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Hi Konstantina, welcome to TOC :smile:



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Surprise! i just succeeded! :biggrin:

-Uninstalled CarMode
-Uninstalled CarModeRemote
-MirrorLink1.1 v1.1.26 application from Galaxy Apps
-Installed LG MirrorDrive v1.2.1.1

...and voila!! Full mirroring of phone to my Touch 2 :biggrin:

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I am struggling sorting a phone that will successfully connect to my 2017 Yaris Touch 2 system and run Google maps via mirrorlink.

I have posted my own message and from the replies have determined I cannot do what I want?

However reading your last message about the successful connection of your Samsung S7 edge phone via mirrorlink to your 2017 yaris I am interested in what you state as to how you did this?

As I don't have a Samsung phone (I have an LG G3S that does not have mirrorlink connectivity) if I were to source an S7 to replace my aging G3 could you explain further the processes that I would need to do (with links to the apps you state you installed e.g. mirrorlink Samsung apps & carmode/carmode remote), perhaps I could further research what you have done?

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