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Toyota Touch 2

G Lukins

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I have just got the Toyota Icon Hybrid 2018 with Touch 2.  I am trying to form 6 favourites from various radio stations.  For the life of me I can't work out how to do it.  Could anyone on the forum with this car please do a walkthrough on how to achieve this.  A sequence of steps would be useful.  Thanx everyone.

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Press the ♫ button 

Choose either DAB/FM

on the audio screen using the tabs across the bottom of the touch screen choose "List"

then using the on screen side / side arrows to move though the listed stations when you find one you want to add to favorites

press the station name to select 

then press "Favorites" in the tabs across the bottom of the screen

Press and hold button 1-6 as desired until you hear a beep or the station name appears in the numbered tab.

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I'm following to the letter what you said but when I go to favourites and press one of the 1 to 6 buttons I get nothing, not even a beep.  My Touch 2 has metal buttons down each side so assume it's the same model as yours.  Car is 2 days old.  

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