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E10 corolla, sounding weird

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I have a 96 E10 corolla, 1.3 petrol, 4efe engine.
One day The car engine sound like it was a strimer with the sound it was giving and major loss in power,
I thought I lost a cylinder so I changed sparkplugs cause they look like they were never changed, and changed one of the coil distributor leads that was broken and still sounds like a strimmer/stuttering.

Anyone any idea as to what it could be?

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possibly need a compression test to see if anything going on...big end bearing? (thats just a guess)

Air filter? Fuel filter?

I'm not a mech so I don't know, though I drove a massively high mileage one (170K miles) for a year and a half

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Failing coil pack perhaps then?

Sounds like it could be a misfire. newer cars I'd buy a cheap code reader...but it doesn't conform due to the age of it.

if you swap the leads over does the noise move?

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It may be the new coil pack or another one not working.

Otherwise, the sound you're mentioning sounds more like an air leak. Are all the air hoses connected or are any split? Is it running rough?

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So update to this situation

I haven't gone near the car for a month, but one day out curiosity I went at it and re traced my steps, one my friends said that the spark from the sparkplug to the cylinder it self my be to long making it chug.

So I took out the spark plugs and bended the tips a bit to make the distance shorter, I started up the car and it's now 100%

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