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High speed milage, hybrid vs non-hybrid


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We just been to Crete, and have a 50 mile drive to the airport. Some how we miscalculated the time to wake up, so we were an hour late. It was the middle of the night, so I could go pretty fast. 100 mph GPS speed with speed pilot for 25 miles, returned a average of just 27 mpg, it takes a lot to raise the speed from 80 to 100 mph. 

Now I have the nonhybrid with real CVT, so I wonder what a hybrid could perform under pressure? My RPM's were 3600, so engine noise was pretty low, wind noise however, pretty high... 

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Not sure you will get many answers. 

In the UK the National speed limit is 70mph - motorways and some dual carriageways. If caught driving at 100mph one faces being fined between 125% and 175% of one's weekly wage subject to a maximum of £1,000 for non-motorways and £2,500 for motorways. Plus a possibility of a driving ban - an instant ban if travelling at 45% more than the speed limit in force where caught.

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Hybrid would have returned 23-25 mpg mate. A friend has the hybrid of the 2018 and while in normal driving, specially in town achieves better mpg than mine, in open road and under pressure he consumes more!!

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