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Hazard warning lights problem

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With the ignition switched on or engine running the hazard warning lights do not flash. However with the ignition off the hazards flash as normal.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any hints would be appreciated

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Would check the 10A Hazard Fuse, if ok then check the 10A Gauge fuse, both feed the Flasher Relay unit.

The Hazard should be in the fuse/relay  box by the Air filter, the Gauge in the fuse box down behind the glove box , near the pollen filter.

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Both fuses are Ok. 

WIth the indicators working and hazards with the engine off working, I am assuming that the flasher relay is fine.

Is it possible that the switch is defective even though the hazards work with the ignition off? For example, it takes a different feed path into the switch?

Without a circuit diagram, it isnt the easiest!




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Strangely the Haynes manual does not show the indicators in its wiring diagrams ?

Below are some from a US 2004 corolla, so expect its similar to the UK model.

Clearly the switch works , so to me  the fact that it has 2 power sources  seems to hint its likely a broken wire /connector on those 2 lines or a fault within the flasher unit ?

It looks like the Hazard fuse is a direct line to the Battery so on all the time, the Gauge only gets power once the ignition is on.

Assume all the bulbs work ok,  on older cars a blown bulb could affect the relay.







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