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Transfer box

Don Vic

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I have had my Lc5 for 5yrs straight. It got some drive train problems my mech swiped the transfer gear & differential, since then it developed vibrating noise on the drive train especially when doing 60-90mph.

Recently on one rainy day in Nairobi it I was running some erands in the morning and suddenly on my way back the car stopped moving even though it was in drive mode.

My mech removed the transmission and we discovered that my transfer had a cracked sleeve that joins it to the automatic transmission.

I've tried getting a new one but here in kenya certain parts arent available, we've tried second hand to no avail. The only option now is to have it fabricated.

My question is will it work?????

Does any one know where I might be able to get a second hand transfer box in uk. I might be forced to import.

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