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2005 Rav 4 squeak/rattle in dashboard /windscreen


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My Rav 4 2005 developed a squeak or rattle which seemed to be coming from the dashboard it sounds like something rolling about behind the dash. However no amount of feeling and pressing the dash from my passenger whilst on the move would stop it. It is worse when going over bumps. Really annoying.

A post on a forum suggested it was to do with the seal on the base of the windscreen moving and said PVC tape along the bottom of the windscreen helped.

I did not think this could possibly be responsible for such a loud annoying rattle.  I put PVC tape along the bottom of the windscreen covering where the glass meets the rubber and miraculously the noise went !!!  My car has been quiet all winter what bliss. However when the weather got hot and dry recently my squeak returned driving my daughter and I mad.

I took off the tape cleaned the area and put new tape on and the squeak had gone, Horray

Such a simple solution I thought I had better share it to save other people the frustration. hope this helps.


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You may find the problem, cured if you treat the seal with Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care (e.g. at Halfords)

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