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2006 Rav4 T180 limp mode when cold P0093 fault


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Hi guys,

have recently purchased a 2006 Rav4 T180 Model for my wife. When we test drove it it all seemed fine and drove like a dream.

However.....after I got it home the following morning when it was cold we drove it a few hundred yards and went in to limp mode. We stopped the engine and re-started and was ok then shortly after went in to limp mode again. This is a regular occurrence in the mornings and when the engine is cold. Once the car has warmed up the check warnings stay on but the car drives fine and does not go in to limp mode.

The fault code that it brings up when plugged in is P0093 which is a large fuel leak.

I have taken to Toyota who at first advised could be the injectors and could cost up to £1500 to replace! I advised I did not believe it to be the injectors as the car runs fine when warm and after reading various posts I asked if it could be the SCV which they have since advised could well be the case as after running their diagnostics the injectors seem to be firing ok. 

To get the modified scv fitted and ecu software updated it’s going to cost £500 at Toyota and there’s no guarantee this will solve the issue so before I bite the bullet and part with the cash to have the scv replaced is there anything anyone knows that is worth checking first that might be causing the issue??

Devon Aygo you seem extremely knowledgable with these types of faults, do you have any ideas if there’s a less expensive issue that Might be causing the problem?

I have been filling up with the more expensive diesel and am running some revive Diesel engine and turbo cleaner through the system today as have been told this can often solve these types of issues.

Any ideas from anyone would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance 👍🏻

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Hi Omar, welcome to TOC :smile:

Did you buy it privately or from a dealer/trader? If from a trader then you have good rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 e.g. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/the-second-hand-car-i-bought-has-a-problem-what-are-my-rights

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Hi, thank you for the info, it was purchased from a trader so am aware as a consumer I have 30 days, however we really like the car and running fine other than when cold first thing in the morning. If I can get it fixed without spending a fortune then would rather do that however if going to be very expensive to fix then will be going back to the trader. 👍🏻

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You actually have 6 months  to ask for repair or replacement for a fault that is there at time of purchase (& it is the responsibility of the seller to prove that it wasn't there rather than for you to prove that it was).

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