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Tailgate lock problem


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Hi guys

I'm having issues locking my 2011 Auris hybrid. The car thinks the boot lid isn't closed when it is, and hence the car won't lock using the remote. I've pulled off the boot lid  lock panel and disconnected the cable connection to the lock server which allows it to be locked, but to open it I have to manually release from the inside. 

This may be unrelated but it's had a recent service and I've cleaned a lot of the white grease out of the mechanism. 

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?


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Yep I checked all the doors. It's definitely not the door switches and the dashboard indicator suggests its the boot that the car thinks is open sadly.

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I think it does have a switch, but it's not a pressure button like in the doors. It seems like it could be built into the lock servo in the boot lid, at least that's the only place that I can see it might be located.

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