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Cigarette lighter blowing fuse


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Toyota Corolla Verso Diesel 58 plate

cigarette lighter fuse blows when ever a load is put into it even the phone charger.

Is it the socket?

Is it the heater solenoid?

How can I get to it to check wiring or replace it ?

probably just a standard socket for accessories like phone Sat Nav as I don't smoke.

Toyota parts department were helpful  in telling me where the fuse box is .

On passenger side behind the  storage box. 

 pull it open it  and squeeze the sides  at the bottom and it will drop out.

Any ideas 

thanks Rob

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Check there's nothing inside the hole.  There's a pin in the centre at the bottom which is poz, and the metal sleeve is neg.  If there's something touching between the two when you insert a device then it could be shorting out and would blow the fuse.

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no nothing in the hole I am getting a local firm that specialises in car electrics to replace the socket. The replacement part from Europarts is only a tenner . and he doesn't charge the earth for fitting .

I suspect the Toyota version would be quite a bit more the unit has a tube on the side ( heating element  or capacitor with a separate  feed). I suspect that is the bit that is US

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