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Prius 2006 keyfob

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Hey Guys,


Ordered a universal key fob case housing for my original one as it is battered but working.  After removing the old components carefully I managed to fit it in the new housing, designed for the Toyota Prius from eBay.  The lock and unlock works fine on the car, BUT fails to start the car.


The error warning is red light stating key fob is not correct.

Has anyone have any suggestions or links to get this working.  I know to get another spare KEYFOB will cost a lot from Toyota.




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It sounds like it is the immobiliser that is/isn't (depending upon your pov 😉) working   - have you moved the little transponder chip over?

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Thank for your message earlier.  Yes I definitely moved the chip over to the new casing and made sure it was secured properly in the new housing. 

It is rather strange to see it not working since it is only a plastic Shell.

I simply cannot work that out.  I can only think that the universal housing might not be the correct one for the Prius.

I have requested a refund. 

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