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Starlet Suspension


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Hi guys   I have a 1994 Starlet with uneven ride height, the suspension has dropped on the right rear by an inch.

Anyone had similar problems. I'm looking at upgrading the suspension, coils, shocks maybe

What are the best / cheapest mods to improve the handling

Cheers Woden  

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Suspension shouldn't drop, and certainly not only on one side.  The springs are a certain length (or height), and they settle to a 'slightly compressed' length with the weight of the car sitting on them.  The more weight you add, the shorter they become (to a point when they're at their max compression).  Similarly, when you go over a bump they can extend a little.  This would allow the car to spring up and down wildly when you go over bumps.

The 'wild springing' is stopped by the shock absorbers.  They have a max (and min) length, and are made such that they extend or contract slowly when needed to absorb the shock.  If shock absorbers weren't fitted, the car would still sit at the same height (when stationary anyway).  If shockers are knackered the car would bounce more than usual.

It sounds like one of your springs has broken, or perhaps something even more serious like a complete mount broken.  Have the car checked pronto, sine the handling characteristics (and braking etc) will be drastically different, and broken springs often shove a sharp piece of spring right through the side wall of a tyre.

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